modern+chic is the perfect, affordable accessories destination for women everywhere. this makes our selection the best place for your gift shopping this season. we've curated tons of gift ideas for you this year with our 2020 gift guide. pick the gal you're shopping for and find the perfect mix of gifts for her.

the boss babe

She’s taking the world by storm and looks chic while doing it. The Boss Babe is a fearless hustler who knows how to get the job done. Her busy lifestyle means she’s looking for products that are as efficient as they are chic. Luckily, we have the perfect gifts in mind.

the domestic goddess

She may have her hands full, but the Domestic Goddess doesn’t sweat it. She does it all and does it with style (and a lot of caffeine). Whether she’s chasing after her kiddos, carpooling, or hosting at her home, the Domestic Goddess values products that are both functional and pretty.

the girly girl

The modern girly girl loves anything pink, but she’s willing to rock new looks too. Whether it’s leopard print, tassels, or playful earrings, she’s down to try just about any fashion trend. She’ll adore any of the darling products from this list!

the outdoorsy girl

We’ve pulled together our top picks for the girl who seems to be outside more than inside. No matter the climate or activity, these products are must-haves for any outdoor enthusiast.

the traveler

This gift guide was made for the girl who always seems to be on an adventure or getting ready for her next one. She craves new experiences and is guaranteed to be the chicest traveler at the airport. Here’s what’s on her wish list this year!