what inspires a mom of four to add more to her plate with an accessory brand? i can't say for sure, but it's turned out to be an amazingly rewarding experience for me and my family.

i'm christy, the founder of modern+chic. founded in 2012, modern+chic is your first stop for affordable and trendy women's accessories. everything is sourced with you in mind to make you feel confident, without sacrificing comfort.

when we first started, my basement was full from floor to ceiling with new products, packing labels, boxes, and our family and neighbors all coming together to help us keep up with demand.

now we've grown to our own warehouse and we're proud to be able to employ an amazing team of women—all of whom are dedicated to making your experience with modern+chic wonderful.

all of our products are handled by our own team and shipped from our headquarters in utah.

we offer free shipping on all orders over $95 (because i love it when i don't have to pay for shipping when i shop).

THANK YOU for supporting small businesses like mine.