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I’m Christy, founder of Modern+Chic. I’ve always been passionate about business and entrepreneurship as well as helping and supporting other women. My goal is to provide products to help women who are busy and trying to juggle all the things. You might be a mother, a working woman, a student, or a general multi-tasker like the rest of us! I have always wanted to provide products that help to make all the times and seasons in your life a little easier to navigate as well as easy on your budget. At modern+chic, you’ll find stylish, affordable accessories that I know you’ll love for yourself and want to share with all the women in your life.

It’s with gratitude that I tell you that modern+chic employs an amazing team of women who are involved in every part of the process—designing, manufacturing, marketing, and packing your orders. our products are handled by our own team and shipped from our headquarters in utah straight to you!

I’m sincerely appreciative of every order and your support of our small business.



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we know how important it is to belong to a community of supportive women and we believe that together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.

our circle is always open and we'd love to have yoU!

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A woman wearing an oversized black sling bag.
Presley Oversized Sling Bag
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A woman holding a cream tote.

The Signature Tote

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Bridget Sling Crossbody

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A woman wearing a cream crossbody.

The Signature Crossbody

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